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Research Topics

  • Biology and pathogenesis of bacteria and phytopathogenous fungi: Infection processes. Analysis and characterisation of virulence factors. Functional and comparative genomic analysis. Pathogen-plant-BCA interactions.
  • Epidemiology and control of illnesses of horticultural and subtropical crops: population dynamics, genetic structure and resistance mechanisms against pesticides. Important diseases: apical necrosis and mango malformation. Avocado root rots. Gourd mildew.
  • Biocontrol. Strategies compatible with ecological agriculture. Biotechnological approaches (application of bacteria or organic amends). Mechanisms involved in biocontrol.

Scientific-Technical Services

  • Control strategies and phytosanitary research.
  • Detection of bacteria and fungi in plants.
  • Diagnosis of bacteria and pathogenous fungi.
  • Microbiological and toxicity analyses.


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